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What is Predictive Minds?

Predictive Minds is a fully-automated revenue management system. To put it simply, it analyzes property performance 24/7 and pushes back optimal prices to PMS and OTAs. In doing so, it is capable of increasing RevPAR over 20% on average.


Our scrapper constantly shops competitive position in the marketplace and updates the system as per the market movement.


It’s a plug-n-play. It automatically connects to PMS and channel managers, analyzes performance & pushes back prices to OTAs.


Use precise AI-based price recommendations to optimize prices after every single availability change.

What benefits does Predictive Minds bring?

Auto Rate Updates

Improves Efficiency

4 Hours/Day

Saves Manual Work


Return on Investment

How can you calculate the ROI?

Our revenue experts will provide a comparison template to get an overview of your property’s progress. The factors to be considered are:

✅Man-hours saved for rate updates and generating reports.
✅Revenue, ADR, number of rooms booked, ARR, and more.

*If you still believe that the output is not up the notch; no questions asked, simply request a refund.

Transforming Hotel Management for a Profitable Future!

Unlock the Power of AI-Driven Dynamic Pricing and Reputation Management

How your journey looks like?

Our team of revenue experts will not only set up the minting solution but set you up for long-term returns.

Step 1

Initial Consultation

Our sales team will provide an in-depth overview of our products and services tailored to your hotel and location. Together, we'll identify specific challenges and establish clear metrics to measure our impact. Additionally, we'll discuss the monthly cost after the complimentary first month.

Step 2

Onboarding Process

We'll create a WhatsApp group where our PM team and your hotel team will collaborate. The PM team will request necessary approvals and access to ensure comprehensive data collection.

Step 3

Go Live

Your account manager will arrange a kickoff call to review all details before going-live ​

At Predictive Minds

we empower hotels with AI-driven dynamic pricing and reputation management.
Join us to revolutionize your revenue strategy and stand out
in the competitive hospitality market.

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Save time and increase revenues. Airlines have been using it for years because dynamic pricing increases revenues by 20%. Now, you can optimize your prices with our AI-driven, simple and affordable service

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